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A group laser-focused on racial equity for persons of color, supporting ethnicity, cultural expression, fair treatment, and education for all. 



Professional Society for Education-Advocacy in our Schools and Communities

The focus of our work is solely on race-related matters. P-CoC will serve families of color and the general public by providing community outreach, educational programs, support, and advocate for equity, and changes that will promote the expression of authentic ethnicity, a non-conforming racial identity, and unlearn social norms that perpetuate hate and self-hate.

The P-CoC logo is symbolized by the peacock. The peacock-the bird with 100 eyes, is a possessor of valued human characteristics, exhibiting signs of sacredness, dignity, leadership, fortification, and vigilance. Not stifling the authentic representation and expressions of persons-of-color, radiates beauty just like when a peacock spreading its feathers reveals intertwined elegance.